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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

10. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts is another Hollywood success story. As poised as Julia seems you would think a slight whiff of her hair would be stimulating. It would… not in a good way though. There is a positive reason for Julia Roberts’ sour smell though. She just like Cameron Diaz is environmentally conscious and chooses not to shower too often. Water preservation is becoming more of an issue daily as global warming becomes more of reality everyday. That’s another story though… This information was revealed by one of Julia Roberts’ former bodyguards as he noticed she rarely showered and was not fond of shaving. She’s even gone on the record to state she doesn’t wear deodorant at all. Ok, let’s say that “Pretty Woman” scenario was true, do you think Richard Gere would have fell for a prostitute that smelled of dumpster juice and kept her armpits hairy? We think not!

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