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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

14. Shia LaBeouf


Shia’s a strange character. There are some theories about how he has adapted himself to roles as a method actor. Very thespian-like right? Except for when he refuses to shower like a sane human being. While filming the World War II themed movie, “Fury,” Shia didn’t make too many friends as he took the method-acting approach. He refused to shower for weeks on end in order to capture the essence of his American soldier role he was playing. This pissed off many people off on set including Brad Pitt and British actor Jason Isaacs. Many found his stench so unbearable they refused to stay in the same hotel as the actor. Shia took the role to whole new level as he pulled out his own tooth to show dedication to his character. We think this particular nostril atrocity is more deranged than just lazy. What can you expect from a guy who wears his hair in a rat tail for no particular reason?

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