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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

15. Anderson Cooper



Anderson Cooper has established himself as one of the front men in the news reporting industry. He was even recognized for his bold actions while covering the earthquake aftermath in Haiti, as he saved a child from danger. I’m pretty sure the child was happy to be rescued by the journalist but not happy to find out what he smelt like. Apparently those fancy suits we’re used to seeing while he reported the hard-hitting issues were nothing but a prop to the journalist. Anderson Cooper seems like a clean-cut guy right? Not so much. While on his day-time talk show he revealed that he’s not the fashionisto we think he is. According to him he wears the same pair of jeans everyday! Here’s a quote of him revealing his dirtbag ways, “I wear the same thing everyday these are TV clothes these are not my actual real clothes. In my real life I wear a t-shirt, grey or white, same pair of jeans. Literally, the same pair of jeans everyday.” He also revealed that he only washes those same pair of jeans four times a year… while in the shower. Wouldn’t you think someone of his status and his type of money would at least switch up the wardrobe every once in awhile? His staff at CNN used to remind him of his retched scent so often he invested in basil candles. The staff was so upset that not only he reeked, his candles reeked as well and played a prank on the journalist by outing him on his segment “The RidicuList” stating that his candles smelled like a grandma’s house, Woodstock vomit, dumpster ravioli… the list continued. So if candles were covering up his jeans, imagine how he must actually smell. Ugh.

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