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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

19. Johnny Depp


The mystery and anonymity that Johnny Depp exudes leaves many curious and wanting to know more about him. The guy almost seems like a genius when it comes to character selection. From strange characters like Captian Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” to even stranger characters like “Edward Scissorhands.” His roles leave movie-watchers in awe and wanting more from the front man actor. If you ever get the opportunity to meet the mystery man known as Johnny Depp you may want a clothes pin for your nose unfortunately. Supposedly Johnny Depp isn’t too fond of showering often and will go days without doing so. Maybe this is what adds to his cool? The greasy hair, the unkempt facial hair, and strong must… Eh, that can’t be too pleasant to be around on a regular day when the guy smells like an actual pirate. Add to the fact that while filming “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie, Johnny would chain smoke and reek like a casino ashtray. Angelina would force Listerine and mints upon the actor during kissing scenes. Supposedly Johnny no longer smokes cigarettes. Congrats Johnny on the healthy choice! Now if only you could fix your bathing issues, the world would be right.

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