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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

20. Orlando Bloom


The “Lord of Rings” actor has raked in millions acting in the fantasy series and hasn’t slowed down since. What can you expect though? He’s searching for precious rings in woods somewhere, there’s no time to bathe. Orlando may be eye-candy for the ladies but according to his own girlfriend, Miranda Kerr wishes he would bathe and wash his clothes more often. He may be attractive but he seems to be rather lazy when it comes to hygiene. He goes weeks on end without washing his clothes. His jeans are a repeat wear that rarely ever get dipped in water, but wait there’s more… He allows his dogs to sleep in the bed with him. Sucks for you ladies, when Miranda is fed up who’s going to be willing to shack up with the guy who smells like a Cambodian dog pound during the summer months?

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