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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

8. Jennifer Aniston


Jen… Aniston… those eyes. That smile. From the outside looking in she is near perfect. Looking at Jennifer Aniston you would think she was flawless, think again buddy… think again. Alec Baldwin isn’t exactly the best source when it comes to information but according to him Jennifer Aniston has chronic case of coffee breath. Doesn’t seem like that big of deal right? Coffee tends to make one’s breath a little hot every once in awhile, understandable, but when the issue is reoccurring we officially have a problem. The thing is Alec isn’t the only one that has noticed Jason Bateman has also said that the actress may have a severe case of death mouth. Still not as bad as some the others that have received honors on this list. Still interested in taking Jennifer Aniston down? Well… according to several of Jennifer’s exes her cooch isn’t always the freshest. Still lusting over Jennifer? In all honesty we are too. That is some chicken of the sea we are willing to try.

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