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20 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Personal Hygiene

9. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz reminds us of that cute girl who lived down the street from you when you were young, was cool but still had a sense of humor and enjoyed a fart joke here and there. Cameron Diaz was quoted by E! News saying the following, “I don’t believe in antiperspirant. It’s really bad for you. I haven’t used it for almost 20 years.” This is a direct quote from the starlet herself. Seriously… She believes that the deodorant makes you stink by clogging up the pores and holding the scent in rather than letting your body naturally secrete its own odor. We get it, she’s one of those body and environment conscious kind of chicks, but Cameron takes it a step further. According to some photos caught by the paps she is constantly photographed with heavy pit stains, greasy spotted t-shirts, and dirty attire on the regular. When asked about it, she claimed that she will wear an outfit for four days in a row then throw it away. There’s definitely is something about Mary… and we think it’s her rancid underarms.

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